Domestic Workers

Domestic Workers

We take responsibility for the overall cleanliness to ensure your comfort. Working time is allocated accordingly:

To determine the customer's working
hours .

Service with contracts and guarantees for your convenience
All household work is done for your convenience, including cleaning rooms, cleaning reception, bathrooms and the kitchen, including wiping and polishing. Rooms are dealt with cleaning the windows, organizing the room, changing the sheets and wiping the chandeliers in the event that the customer wants to reset the cabinets. And polishing the rooms, reception is dealt with through a swab, vacuuming suction, a sweeper, wiping the floors, polishing the foundation and windows, and wiping the chandeliers in the kitchen

We use time-tested technologies to clean your home

The hood, stove, cabinets are cleaned, the floors are cleaned and wiped, and in the event that the refrigerator is clean, it is preferable to have the customer next to the worker in order to preserve the arrangement of the contents of the customer’s refrigerator. The client provides the necessary cleaning materials to complete the required cleaning process and excludes from the household cleaning work. The cleaning of carpets, niches, sofas, and curtains, in case the customer desires in the past, it is agreed with the company to allocate a separate date and set a price separate from the price agreed upon.